Chiropractic Testimonials

"I really enjoy the ease of scheduling appointments with Exeter Chiropractic. No matter how busy Dr. Emberley is, he always gets me in when I need an adjustment."

- J.D.

"This office helped me a lot with my marathon training aches and pains and I was able to complete my first marathon. Thanks!"

- C.F.

"Exeter Chiropractic has done wonders for my back and overall health. The focus on soft tissue and active stretching means less snapping and popping, which I really appreciate. A great find in Exeter with lots of parking and flexible scheduling. Easy to get to from route 101."

- B.V.

"Dr. Emberly is a very clear communicator, and his treatment for my issue has been what I'd consider an ideal balance between his therapy advice, his own physical manipulations, and his willingness to let me proceed at my own desired pace. Strongly recommend."

- R.S.

"Dr. Emberley is a great chiropractor. He approaches his practice with expertise, knowledge and a calm demeanor. Great chiropractic office overall!"

- N.E.

"Great office atmosphere, wonderful attention, and fabulous therapy. Strongly recommend."

- A.R.

"I am very grateful to Exeter Chiropractic and Dr. Emberley!!

I had herniated a disc in my lower back and was in extreme pain. I have some chronic issues with my spine and had used Chiropractic care for over 25 years but lately I have been having trouble finding someone I liked in this area. I was in so much pain I needed to be seen immediately. I also had a trip planned to NYC in 4 days and I was afraid I would have to cancel because of my back!

I called many offices to see if anyone could see me right away. Dr. Emberley's office was extremely sympathetic and squeezed me in. I hobbled in to the office and was greeted by Dr. Emberley. He and his staff were very pleasant. His adjustment techniques were gentle and efficient. He showed me some stretching techniques that were very helpful and began to ease my pain. I saw him for 3 days (he came in on his day off to help me). He continued to stretch and adjust my spine. As the pain improved, he adjusted the stretching to aid in my recovery. By the third day I was almost pain free! I went to NYC and walked the city with my friends in comfort. I continued the techniques he showed me and had a great trip! Thank you, Dr. Emberley for squeezing me in, helping me walk and saving my trip!! I recommend this office highly!"

- P.L.

"Dr. Emberley is a really great doctor who was there for me when I needed him. I had really bad back pain and pain down my leg and couldn't stand straight. It took a few visits but with his treatment and some exercises he showed me I was back to 100% pretty quickly! He even helped me develop and exercise plan for the gym that I still do and has helped prevent anymore flare ups."

- P.S.

"I am very happy to have found this office! After seeing my doctors for my neck condition I finally found someone who could help! I can turn my head without pain for the first time in years and can back my car out of my driveway without wrenching my neck. Thanks!"

- J.J.


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